Creating Jewish Unity in 50 Countries and Counting...


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This is a time to focus on the fact that we are one people.

Over the past week, we have seen an unprecedented expression of care and unity amongst our people.
Just days ago, our nation was fractured and divided, but that feels like a distant memory. Because, today, we have come together like brothers, once again, to defend our people.
This is the beautiful power of Am Yisrael. This is what makes us proud to be Jewish.
Now, we are faced with an opportunity. We can enjoy this unity as a fleeting experience, or we can capitalize on these moments of achdut and use them as an impetus to create positive change in our lives. This is the time for each of us to do our utmost to foster unity- within our families, our neighborhoods, and our people at large. We have a unique opportunity to repair old relationships and forge new ones, a chance to close the damaging gaps within the Jewish people. Our enemies took advantage of our disunity, so the way to win this war is to reunite once again.


We are all constantly praying for the wounded, captives, and soldiers and doing our best to assist and strengthen them, their families, and other civilians. We are also combating misinformation in our communities and in the media.


(1) This is the time to resolve whatever issues you have with other people – families, neighbors, associates, or (past) friends. Appreciate the importance of our people’s unity and be the one to reach out to “bury the hatchet.”

(2) Think of ways you can strengthen your relationship with other Jews. Think both about those you know, are loosely acquainted with, or do not (yet) know at all. Are there Jews who live nearby that you do not know personally? This is the time to reach out and connect. (Consider Jews in your workplace, whom you interact with online.) Consider praying and studying together with other Jews. This is a great way to strengthen your relationship with one another and our people as a whole.

(3) Focus on and display the topic of Jewish unity. Wear it on your sleeve. We are encouraging the use of the Acheinu logo so that it is a common display around the world. Print it on shirts, bumper stickers, magnets, and banners outside your home and business.

(4) Identify as part of the unified Jewish community by adding your name to our website. We hope to register one million of our people.

(5) Facebook/Social Media Identification – Change your profile picture to include the Acheinu banner.

Each institution should emphasize the importance of unity to its members and work to foster it within the community.

(1) Display a banner (ideally an Acheinu one) outside your building

(2) Arrange for a joint purpose of unity material (shirts, magnets, bumper stickers etc.)

(3) Arrange communal unity programs that include the full breadth of the community. Figure out a way that all types of Jews can feel comfortable coming together.

(4) Show your support for unity by signing your organization up (free of charge) on our website.

(1) The Acheinu program is reaching out to Jews in countries around the world in all languages.

(2) Displaying a common logo will help Jews around the world feel connected to one another.

(3) We are also working to arrange an international program (prayer sessions, a worldwide memorial commemoration thirty days after the deaths)